3dprint : Niqab for Foodies

A Niqab that opens sideways instead of just upwards so that it allows easy eating even in the presence of the opposite gender in the same room and allows people to eat comfortably.

Lasercut : The Backrest

This is a prototype for the Ideal backrest for people who have office jobs that require sitting for a long time or faced with back aches. The backrest takes the shape of our spinal cord, that strengthens and relaxes the back.

The Heart and Salah

Heart rate changes during prayer is affected by the level of devotion in prayer and the physical steps of prayer. Heart rate does not necessarily increase after prayer but higher Khushoo’ might result in a higher heart rate after prayer. From a one-Rakah prayer (Witr) to 11-Rakah prayers (Night prayer with Witr), the heart rate…