Documenting Doha : Week 3, In Transit?

Audio – I am using sounds that are based on the tick tock of a clock, to emphasize the time lapse style and the building and demolishing of the city in the last 15 years

Spaces included in the video :

Lost Spaces : Palm Island, Qatar Souqs – Souq Ahmed, Souq Jabor, Souq Najd

Lost Souqs Articles :

In Transit Spaces : West Bay still growing, Kingdom of Aladdin became Magical Festival Village, Katara, Al Bidda Park moved across the street

New Spaces : Pearl Qatar, Hamad Port, Hamad International Airport, Lusail City

Reflections :

Initially, I did not have a definite direction of which type of spaces I wanted to show through the video. I focused on making and exploring, and made almost 55 sec of content. The only way to bring it to 30 sec was to refine my approach and focus on one type of space. After making all the ones mentioned above, I felt that ‘in transit’ would be the most appropriate approach for this country.  Qatar is home to an estimated 87 nationalities, and the cityscape has been rapidly changing for the last 20 years at least. I then decided to focus on a project that aims to tell the story of the changing cityscape of the country, also throwing light on how spaces that are considered ‘lost’ today, become the ‘new’ of tomorrow.

This project is definitely part of something much much bigger, and I could easily make a video of atleast 4 minutes. I will consider working on this project more outside this class.


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