Documenting Doha – Week 2 : Lost, In Transit and the New

As I continued to research into different locations around the country that have developed in the time period from 2003 to 2018, I also came across many places that have vanished in the same time. Interestingly, I also came across places like the Al Bidda Park that just shifted location to the opposite side of the road. This made me rethink my approach for the video,  Lost Spaces, Transitioning Spaces, or New Developments ?

Lost Spaces : Palm Island at the Corniche, in 2003(left) and 2018(right)

Transitioning Spaces : Al Bidda Park at the Corniche

New Developments : Pearl Qatar in 2003(left) and 2018(right) 

I decided to make a series of short videos that show the transformation of the country through the lost, the changing, and the new spaces.

Now that I had finalized my approach, I had to fix a method of collecting screenshots, as I was constantly facing problems when the pictures were put together in Premiere. Mac has very limited options when coming to screenshotsHaving to crop all of them after taking the screenshots, renaming all the files so as to know the order were some of the problems faced. I decided to do some screenshot app hunting to make my life easier.

Before doing that, I first decided to explore Adobe Animate, as Law had suggested that it would help while making the animation of the images. I started off by watching couple of tutorials online, but I found it so overwhelming, that I instead explored ways to use after effects or premiere to make the animation.

Okay, now back to screenshots.

Problem : Having to manually relocate the image inside Premiere, and naming the files after taking the screenshots, resizing the images to the right aspect ratio.

Expected Solution : Finding an app where I can set the correct ratio on the screen, and then just have to go through the years to get images of the same size, so I can directly put them into premiere and get the animation ready.

When I searched for screenshot apps on App store, there were so many search results! I then searched for reviews so as to know which one works best. I was especially shocked to find out that some of the apps, whose sole purpose is to take screenshots, and edit them, are paid versions! Initially, I downloaded Monosnap. Once I started using the app, I discovered it was not possible to choose the ratio manually, or set a specific location on screen. 

I then thought maybe I need to find a way to set a ruler on screen, so I can select the area accordingly.

Well, it was not at all helpful, and I could not get the accurate values for the size, which would be a problem when I am taking a series of screenshots.

Finally, I found Skitch! This super app comes with features where you can set the right size of the screenshot area, reuse the set size and location while shooting a series, and name the screenshot as the photo is taken.

Now, I just have to document and collect the photographs for the places that I am considering, and put them together in Premiere. I also played with the settings on premier, where I change the settings of the duration of the file that is imported so that I don’t have to manually change it later.



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