Documenting Doha : Week 1

I had many initial ideas, but the idea of taking aerial pictures of Doha came out of a collaboration that I was planning to do with my classmates. We all came up with our own ideas, and some of us came up with some ideas that we could do as a group if interested. Hind thought of an idea inspired by a video of aerial photography, of doing the same in Qatar using Google Earth,  and I thought of a completely different idea of playing with gifs. By class time, we all rethought our approaches, and I chose to do a video around Earth and Hind chose to a video around the moon.

I will now work on this idea to show how the cities of Qatar have changed since 2003. I have been collecting screenshots of all the images possible till the date of important places around the country, like Corniche, Lusail, Industrial Area and so on. The 30 second video will show how these cities have changed over time by playing each set of screenshots like a gif.

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