Zines – Week 3

Developing the cover page image. So muchh fun and I love how it turned out! i had to redo because the first time I did it, I ended by tearing the page.


Back side of the work, that I want to use as the back cover of my zine.

Trials making copies black and white and color, comparing the difference in quality.

Details of spreads

I got feedback from Maha, Bothaina and Khalifa that helped with some elements in my zine. Maha suggested that I play around with the placement of the type on the page. Khalifa suggested to play with the hierarchy of the type. Bothaina suggested to play with the character length.

What I liked the most of my experience with zine was how the details like the shadows, torn sheet ends, the crossovers, and the effects of overlapping tracing paper and vinyl cut type.



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