Zines – Week 2

What is Embroidered Photography? Explanation from the Robert Mann Gallery Website – The photograph today is increasingly distanced from the handmade. With the proliferation of digitalization, seamless Photoshop retouching, and quick laser printing, pictures now more than ever are a product of the mind and the machine. In tandem, the photograph has become eminently reproducible. Yellowing silver prints and one-shot polaroids, once keepsakes saved in shoe boxes or pinned on walls, have been all but negated by online photo streams and jpegs from our iPhones. Yet a group of intrepid artists are working to reclaim the photograph as a unique and handmade object, through an entirely unexpected medium: embroidery.

A couple of my initial ideas on how to approach this project :

  • Stitching over A Collection of Science anatomical drawings
  • colorizing one thing in a black and white photograph collection
  • stitching pixels over photographs
  • stitching the human interaction
  • stitch therapy
  • covering face
  • threads coming from eyes

See the images I have collected till now here : https://www.pinterest.com/aafaalfa/zines/

My interest in this project stems from the interesting juxtaposition of embroidery and photography. I do both embroidery and photography, but I haven’t done embroidery over photography yet, but the subject fascinates me.  

How do I plan to show myself through this project?

First of all, by doing embroidered photography of an image of myself.

Secondly, by juxtaposing cultures. I am originally from India, though raised here all my life. India is a country that has a rich history in embroidery, and the embroidered photographs I found were mostly of Americans and Europeans. By juxtaposing embroidery of my native country with content of the Western population, I intend to show a bit of myself through the zine. This way, just as the juxtaposition interested me to this topic, the juxtaposition will be the way I represent myself in the zine.

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