Kinetic Typography : Learning more (includes final video_version2)

This project was my first attempt with kinetic type and I learned a lot through this month long project. Though I know I did a good job for a beginner, listening to Law’s challenge to us to improve the video by Monday March 12th, got me to go back to the video and see if I could make any changes.

And yes, I found couple of places that needed improvements –

  1. Changing Title slide text to match with ending
  2. Changing color of the less dominant voice to one color.
  3. Improving type play in certain areas from 20-40sec.

Solutions :

  1. Worked on a better composition for title part, that works well with the end title screen.

 Initial composition

 New Composition

 End Title Screen 

2. Change the color of dialogues of the meddler(john beddoe)  to one color – here I made it red, and kept the shades of light and dark brown for cyrano de burgerac – depending on how angry he sounds.

 red text used for the meddler’s voice in the dialogue part

I initially used brown when he says “no!” 

 changed it to red to create a better cohesive system

3. Playing with repeater tool. Olden typographic posters have simple yet fun graphic compositions that add more value to the type. I want these really simple graphics to take my video to the next level.

Final video :

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