Kinetic Typography : Week 4 (includes final video_version 1)

Helped me so much to refer to one of the only available old animations on youtube to understand more about the style that were prevalent then. I discovered that they used to play around with mainly the mask tool to create basic animations.

Currently, I still have a lot of work left and this is due to the stress and confusion I felt  working on after effects after a long time.

A method I would use for animating type in the future : 
1. Be able to write down each and every movement in the whole animation before even sketching. Its definitely more helpful than thinking of them as storyboards. I began by making storyboards, and I didnt completely write down every movement in the scene. Due to this, I would search tutorials on pieces and it was just not helping build a better frame.

2. Look up meaning of words to get better idea on how to picture them.

3. Begin from either after effects or illustrator, I don’t feel as if both makes a big difference. Although, beginning from  illustrator helps you to understand organization and composition of text, before taking to after effects. This is especially useful if you are unsure on how to work with the type or animation.

3. Diverge. Do search for tutorials related to basic terms for the animations and apply similar ones, then build on them inside after effects.

4. Converge. Somewhere between the process, have more than 1 direction, and discuss with a friend or professor to understand which direction works better and to process a better end result.

4. Explore different methods to get to the same animation, and see which works well. I wanted to move across the screen in a specific path, and I thought that camera would be the best way, but after experimenting, I realized that actually the null object along with the camera was the most helpful.

5. Do not let your perfectionism get over you. I guess I set too big of goals for myself, that I couldn’t start. At the same time, I found animating anything so hard that I was very slow. I realize now that this is one of the reasons why I was slow with this project. I wanted to make a really good kinetic type video from the beginning, and this is definitely not the way to start something new. Once I understood this, it was much easier to try and fail and move forward.

6. No matter how well you know the program, you are going to face obstacles and its important not to forget this so as to move forward.

Final video :




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