Kinetic Type : Week 2

New learnt and important Vocabulary :

  1. Interrobang :Question mark + Exclamation mark
  2. Isotype : Picture language
  3. Pacing :  the timing of cuts, the topic of this chapter.
  4. Rhythm : the flow and separation of the overall story

Breaking down the transcript : The audio has three main parts.

  1. The self conscious Cyrano notices that a person at the event who talks to him is looking at his nose. He questions him for it.
    “Oh tell me…why were you staring at my nose?
    Oh I was not staring!Does it astonish you?
    Why, I have been careful not to look
    Oh.. And why not if you please… it disgusts you then
    Why noo, I..
    Does this color appear to you unwholesome?
    By no means!
    And you find it a trifle lie
    No…small, very small, tiny, infinitesimal!”
  2. Glorifying his nose
    “Whaat, You accuse me of absurdity
    Small my nose, why magnificent my nose
    You pug, you nob, you button head
    Know that I glory in this nose of mine
    For a great nose indicates a great man
    Genial ,Courteous, Intellectual, Virile, Courageous”
  3. Insulting him
    “Whilst that face of yours, that blank inglorious concavity which my right hand finds on top of you, is devoid of pride, of poetry, of soul, of picturesqueness, of contour, of character, of nose in short, which is at the bottom of the limp spine of yours, my left foot
    Ohh hell lord!”

Working with After Effects :

  1. Exploring the Camera tool to blur and move the type in space

What I want to achieve :

  1. Visualize and translate the background noise into the type.
  2. Explore old english typographic style in my video, something I have never done.
  3. Understand texture to communicate ideas

Since I have not used after effects for some time now, and I have never worked with animating just type, it is moving very very slowly for me. The fast approaching deadline(due in 10 days from date of posting) is stressing me out more.

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