Week 1 with Kinetic Typography

I have always been interested in typography, and my interest during my school years developed through watching Kinetic Typography videos on Youtube!
So yes, I am very excited for this project and want to explore a lot of different kind of audio. I am especially interested to work with audio from 1900s because there is a lot of background noise and I want to explore this with typography.

  1. Charlie Chaplin – final speech from the great dictator
  2. Steve Jobs inspirational speech
  3. Parts from to kill a mockingbird

Just found another one, and I think this is perfect!

  1. I like the background noise that comes across in olden movie audios. This will be interesting when working with typography.
  2. It is funny and comical and there is a lot of space for fun distorted type.
  3. It inspires me and after watching atleast 25+ videos over the weekend, this is one of those that is the right length, and I can imagine how the type can work in some areas for example, the dialogue ‘No…small, very small, tiny, infinitesimal!’

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