Week 3 : Results

For monday’s class, I tiled three posters out of the many approaches I had tried out. Tiling the poster helped to focus on so many details that I had forgotten to work on or did not notice. One correction to work on was the shadow for the matchstick in the poetic poster. I had not refined it well and thought I will get back to it when I am done with the other two bigger illustrations, but I forgot and it was only when the image was scaled up to this size that I noticed.  I also saw that the spacing between the lines of the credits was too much, and that the tagline was looking too awkward.

The critique on monday helped me correct and make changes in all 3 posters. I went back to the original image of the matchstick and edited it again. I took a photograph of papers burning for the second poster,  and changed the background and worked on some details on the last one. I also experimented more with the tagline placement.

Swap n Design

By monday, I was tired from working on the posters. I had a better direction for poster 1 and 2, but I was just not happy with the last poster. The grey background seemed to dull out the whole poster, and my attempt to make the character look dimensional just seemed too much like auto trace. Latifa also had problems working on her posters, and we had both run out of ideas on how to make changes. So we swapped laptops and did some sketches. It was a fun experience because we were looking at different work and somehow, it is always easier to critique and come up with ideas for work that is not your own, and you are not afraid to try out new things.

Latifa’s sketches 

She experimented a lot of with tagline type placements, since that was not working well in all 3 posters. She removed some details from the illustration and it already looked so much better. She also tried out different backgrounds and I loved how the red background looked!

For Latifa’s posters, her type was already working well, but her poster was too flat. So I tried some gradients for the sky, for the car and for the shopfront. I was also looking at her inspiration images while trying out some ideas, that inspired me to use the grain effect on the top of the car and some other elements of the poster.  The shadow of the car was quite sharp, so I tried out blurring the shadow to make it look more natural. We then left to each other to use what they wanted from the sketches. After this experiment, I showed the type treatments to Leland, and after having a conversation with him, I decided to go with the stacked up type style for the three posters. I changed the red a bit to match the main title better. I also removed some details from the illustration and simplified it. This experiment was really helpful for both of us, and pushed us to work harder and try new things despite the challenges.

Final posters

Poetic                                              Pragmatic                                     Persuasive


  • Initially, I had cropped the matchstick from the background, changed the mode to grayscale, and placed it on a white background. While refining, I selected just the matchstick, and changed it to black and white in photoshop.
  • I created some details in photoshop, to show as if the matchstick had just burnt out.
  • I had burnt some matchsticks and scanned them and placed a white paper as background. By working directly on the scan, I could bring back the paper texture that improved the quality of the poster a lot. The shadow in the final poster is the original shadow that was shown on the paper in the scan.
  • I changed the tagline type placement after my swap and design experience with Latifa.
  • The paper around the matchstick was not enough to fill up the poster size. Using Law’s help, I used the amazing content Aware tool in Photoshop to create the image.


  Process shot of Nimrah lighting a matchstick

  • One main feedback from Monday’s critique was that the illustration for the pragmatic poster looked too much like auto trace or that it was not readable for everyone as papers burning. Law and Leland suggested to take a photograph of papers burning and use it instead. I am a bit scared of fire, and just lighting a matchstick takes me time. Trying to shoot a paper that is burning is too much for me. Nimrah agreed to help, and though initially I tried to shoot pictures, it was blurry because I was nervous. Nimrah suggested that she will take the pictures and I light matchsticks. The final image used for the poster was shot by Nimrah.


  • After the swap and design experience, I changed the background to red.
  • I also removed some details from the illustration and simplified it.


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