Week 2 : Explorations

Targeted Audience 

For this series of posters, I am targeting an audience who has already seen the movie and I am remaking a classic movie poster. Thus, I am using elements to make the posters that will not only be familiar to the ones who saw it, but will help to attract the ones who didn’t see yet.

What if you had no right to read ?

Is it true that a long time ago firemen used to put out fires and not burn books?

The temperature at which book paper catches fire…


The major theme I am using while developing the sequence of the movie is the theme of transformation. The lead character is a fireman named Montag who becomes disillusioned with the role of censoring works and destroying knowledge, eventually quitting his job and joining a resistance group who memorize and share the world’s greatest literary and cultural works.


I tried couple of different typefaces before finalising on the ones on the posters. I used filosophia regular typeface for the tagline. This resembles the type usually seen in earlier books, and this is why I chose this. The typeface for the credits and date was decided after researching on sample film posters online.



I am using one of the logos that was found on one of the initial posters. The reason being so that the number 451 is also used outside the fire station in the movie and it is a symbol of the fire station. As the typeface used for the numbers is very curved, I used the glyphs software to get a perfect outline, as it is very good to get clean curve shapes. I then used the ‘draw inside’ feature in illustrator to create the orange fire mark inside the number.

Color Palette

Blacks, whites, and oranges is used to tie the posters together.

Trial Posters

The burnt out matchstick, is an obvious symbol of the end of the fire, an end to the end of burning books. It indicates towards the middle phase to the end of the movie, when it is the beginning of change in Montag, in his motivation towards saving books and memorizing them.

The helmet, firetruck, No.451 and the fire station logo are some of the symbols indicating towards the firemen. This talks about the beginning of the movie, when fire consumes knowledge and ignorance prevails in society.

The one with the fighter in the suit is also an important part, signalling to many things. This is from one of the scenes in the first few minutes of the movie, where Montag eagerly burns books as he thinks it is nonsense. The next time he is shown to burn books, is the beginning of the end scene, where he is forced to burn his own books and he kills the head, as he is fed up of the ignorance and his love for book frustrates him. This is the only 2 scenes where he is shown to burn books. Super important.

Feedback and Thoughts

  1. After showcasing all 5 posters in class last wednesday, I am planning to take 3 forward that are the strongest. result : as I was exploring them, I developed some more that i have added below.
  2. Making better imagery of the matchstick. Shooting photos of a burning matchstick myself. result : good experience, scanned the matchsticks to use for the posters.
  3. Making better imagery of Montag, with the color palette blacks, whites and orange. result : spent 3-4 hours on friday morning refining the poster.
  4. Burning mark on the page photographed. result : fail. The whole paper ended up catching on fire, and I am a bit scared of fire, couldn’t convince myself to try again. Ended up using a found image as a base for another pragmatic poster direction.

Developing final posters



The poetic poster with the matchstick is a symbol of the end of the fire, an end to burning books. It addresses the middle to end phase of the movie, when Montag begins to change and tries to save and memorize books.
The second poetic poster is a slightly different approach with more matchsticks.

The persuasive poster with the fireman indicates to a scene in the first few minutes of the movie, where Montag eagerly burns books. The next time he is shown to burn books, he is forced to burn his own books as his wife reports him to the fire station. This is the only 2 scenes where he is shown to burn books, and he changes incredibly between this time frame.  As I want to explore the black/white/grey style posters, I thought the cut out style as in Obama’s hope poster would be a good approach. I searched tutorials to develop this poster.
The other poster shows the side of the book people, who are always scared and worried when the fireman will come to take their books and arrest them, and they are constantly in worry to hide their books and keep the books a secret.


The poster approach of creating the brown mark on the paper did not work out, and the whole paper ended up burning out. I tried to use the leftovers to create this, though the words don’t correctly match right now.
For the second pragmatic poster, I used a found image of papers burning. The image is not very refined yet, but I thought of using this approach to show the main scene of the movie, the burning of books. I am mostly going for this approach, as it matches quite well with my visual style.



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