The (Con)temporary School System ?

This project was based on effectively communicating the message about the reality of the school system in the most suited way for the topic. The series of 10 books explore different concepts that are flawed about the school system around the world. By hacking academic books, the designer makes a choice that will surprise and shock any viewer. The aim of the designer is not just to make a statement about the school system that dates back to the industrial revolution, but also to question publicly held views of the school as a place to learn valuable knowledge and a path to success.


By using color palettes, type and type layout reminiscent of ancient academic books, the designer subverts a strong message through books that are held at high value. The dramatic lighting, the gold painted sides, the different mediums of hacking play powerful roles in highlighting various messages such as “teacher” centre school systems, “standardized” testing as a method of fair treatment, racial and gender abuse that has become common at schools, no value for art and design and so on. Through most book titles, the main message is that schools don’t practice what they preach.

In this modern world, we are faced with modern challenges different from times before, yet our school systems are still trying to solve problems of the 19th and 20th century. There is an immediate need for a revision of the school system and a change in the messages and values our academic books carry.



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