The Cookie Story


When is she opening her cookie shop?“, asked the friends.

Born out of my friend’s love for Mother’s biscuits, the choco chip and classic white cookies are baked to perfection one batch at a time. The Cookie Story cookies are made from recipes that came to life in our kitchen. We believe home is all about togetherness and storytelling, and we are sending these two essential components of home your way through this package. The package combines both these aspects in its party package with the idea that more the cookies, more the stories! These packages also come with a free taste to the other flavor that we offer.

The trilingual packaging encompasses three languages; Arabic, English and Malayalam, so it attracts customers from all walks of life and is affordable . The logo, in malayalam, not just acts as the face and label of the cookies, but also reflects the humble baker’s origins. The packaging is printed through sustainable printing methods with no/minimal wastage of material because of its shape and design. Made from recycled cardboard, the cardboard can be reused and also brought back to the shop for refilling or disposal. Packed in beautiful, cozy colors and original stories for a party size audience, the cookies were once made exclusively for family members and friends. Today, everyone is welcome to try it at our store or any of the local stores once a week when my Mother bakes her scrumpilicious cookies for the whole of Qatar! You can also visit us at our shop at Salam Street or place orders through our Facebook and Instagram pages! The cookies are sure to help make any party a success!


To read the rest of the story mentioned in the beginning, buy a Cookie story and this story and its series lines the interior of the package.

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