Education City : Bloom


Key Lessons :

Visual Research is key to building up any project. By reading books, visiting places, surfing images will all help to build your knowledge about the subject.

Understanding the importance of research and how it helps shape your final result
I also learnt that it is important to enjoy the process of research and embrace it to be able to have a better process and not just a better final outcome.

Story behind poster

The story behind this poster stemmed from Leadership 2016, a one week program focused on developing a life long vision. My vision was to promote greenery around India and to bring an end to foods sprayed with chemical fertilizers in India and a smaller vision was to start with education city and that a farm will be a part of Education City. With the brand identity project I got the opportunity to work on this idea. I did a lot of research beginning from the farm to the farm crops to the transportation to the university cafeteria design to the disposable and reuse and how the cycle would continue on a daily basis. All the research I went through helped me define an illustration style. I chose a blueprint style as if it is an actual plan for the future. I learnt a lot more about plants and dairy animals and I also learnt more about my interests through this project.

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