Making the final poster

For the final A1 type poster, we started by making 5 trials on A3 paper.

Firstly, I edited my word poster again. I was really unhappy with the colors in the previous A2 poster I submitted so I went over the word with the polygonal lasso tool piece by piece and it took me few hours to finish it. Also, I first edited an earlier version of the muzakhraf word ( I thought that was my final! I don’t know how I forgot that I had worked a lot more on it!), then restarted with the final version.


Once I reedited, I played with the levels and curves on the separate word and its background so as to make the word pop out more and was able to achieve a much better color on the word. I was definitely a lot happier with the poster now.


For this project, my research was in looking back at all the work I created for the paragraph and sentence projects and reflecting on what would work the best for this poster. Then, I just took my sentence and paragraph compositions I used for the sentence and paragraph project and placed it on top of the word image. I also chose a letter combination and placed it randomly, mostly in some corner. I then improved upon the paragraph and sentence combinations by trying different type sizes and fonts different from my composition.

27-nov_final_2_print_page_5 27-nov_final_2_print_page_4 27-nov_final_2_print_page_3 27-nov_final_2_print_page_2 27-nov_final_2_print_page_1



screen recording of editing of an earlier version of muzakhraf

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