Final poster : thoughts

After a meeting with the professors, I started reediting them and using elements that worked from different posters and combining them into one poster. I played with the composition, alignment, placement of text to achieve the final look to the poster shown below:


This is the last type project and looking back at how much I have learnt and achieved through this semester is an amazing feeling. The most fascinating thing about the type projects was to rediscover letters and look at the same mundane writings in a different perspective. Looking at letters for their anatomy, the shapes between their forms, the rags, alignment, tracking, kerning are some of the many ways that have forced me to admire letters for their semiotics and not just for the semantics.

I learnt that translation of information in the most clear and concise way is the key aspect of many type projects. The type size, type family, weight, direction and alignment are all tools that can help aid communication and differentiate the connotative and denotative aspects of type. Type also taught me that divergence and convergence is crucial to the success of any project and the more you practice and experiment, the more chance that you will end up with a successful final project. The painful days of tiling, 100s of experimentation with trial and error, playing with fonts and colors helped to better my understanding of type as I could analyze what worked and what did not.

Understanding the different parts of the letter is crucial to be able to make connections between different languages and I learnt find links between Arabic and English this semester. Though Arabic was a lot more challenging than English, the exposure to bilingual typography this semester has helped me understand some basics of the Arabic language.

Hierarchy in type was also something I learnt in type class this semester and I find it really interesting which bunch of letters on the page get the most attention and which gets the least and how it hooks the reader to read the information. For example, in the word poster, the word itself served as the hook and its size is the biggest in hierarchy to the sentence and paragraph.

Reading about type, researching famous works and implementing what you learnt is always important to create good work. Ellen Lupton, Piet Mondrian, Kristyan Sarkis, Huda Abi Fares have all inspired me this semester with my type work. Finally, writing about what I learnt in the blog really helped me reflect on what I learnt and assess how much I have understood about type this semester.

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