Sacrifice Installation : BIG DAY! + final critique

I was really scared for this day. After all the effort, research, trial and error, and experimentation we put in to get it perfect and get the right intent, there was a tension on how today will go and how will the students and professors interact with our installation. Today we did some final small additions to enhance the installation.

The process of deconstruction is definitely hard and takes a lot of trial and error. Yet, in the end the success was in able to make the participants experience what we wanted them to through this installation. Reading the thoughts on the glass wall really made me feel like we, as a group were successful with this interactive installation.

Also, I liked the idea of taking the video of us performing and it made me aware of how I was participating in others installations and in discussions. It made me think that I need to put more effort in the class discussions.

As a group, I think we did very well in understanding each other other, moving forward, taking group decisions so we all knew what was happening with any aspect of our project. I am really proud as a group and as an individual of how the group and I went through the process of deconstructive and our approaches to make it both interactive and clear for the audience.

As a person, I have learnt diverse knowledge from this project. From drilling to making cement, I have interacted with new materials and techniques and learnt different ways of tackling situations and problems inspired by my group mates. This is what I find so fascinating about group projects is that everyone has different ideas and different ways to solve problems. I also learnt more about myself as sometimes I feel I am demanding and, I expect others to do things just as much as I do, but I learnt that everyone has their own style of doing and they all do in different ways so we should give each other the space and support when they are unable to do something and vise versa. I also realized I was not documenting everything properly now and then and it was with the help of my group mates I was able to remember what was to be included in the blog. I think I will try my best to be a better note taker and organize myself before organizing others or asking them to do something.

img_6832 img_6833 img_6834

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