Sacrifice Installation: Assembling and making part 3

Once we finished making the Lego mat, we decided to transport the railing structure to vcuq to just see how it will be on location and we realized it was not strong enough for our model. We then decided to buy wood as a group as a second solution.

We also printed the text we made on vinyl paper and it was a fascinating experience. It was very similar to the laser cutter except laser cutter gives a small fire/spark as it cuts plastic or other materials.


Then we started working on making the wooden railing. Once we got the wood, we first had to go over it with sand paper since it was not polished and had small pieces sticking out. Then, we painted them in pastel colors borrowed from the amazing juniors who were kind enough to lend some of their paints while they work on their installation project.

unadjustednonraw_thumb_a51 unadjustednonraw_thumb_a54





Closeup textures



Getting help from lovely MFA students who helped us hold the wood pieces together by drilling as we were not so experienced with drilling.

There was still the challenge of how to hold the railing to the ground. One idea a group mate came up with was to place bricks around it, sand bag and an idea an MFA student suggested was to make a cement structure at both ends and since cement is strong, it will hold the railing strongly to the floor.

The problem was 2 of my group mates had left after the work on the railing and cement took 24 hours to dry. It was saturday night and if we did not make it that night it would not dry in time. It was a quick decision me and my friend took and we messaged our group and informed them what we were doing and began making the cement.

20161203_220113 20161203_20520620161203_202838 20161203_203533

Covering the floor with plastic sheet before making the cement, using gloves to avoid burning our hands with cement.

To make the cement, we mixed one glass of cement ( Yay for free stuff outside the ceramics studio!) with one glass of sand and added an equal amount of water. We kept repeating this until we made enough concrete to fill half of the box that held the railing in a good consistency. It was really challenging to get the railing to stand vertically inside the box and not slant to any side.

It felt really nice at the end of the day when I saw all the work we had covered up till now. From looking at it its clear that this project would be impossible without my group mates! I contributed in making the cement, painting the railing and printing the vinyls. I am actually terrified of drilling and I am so glad I have group mates who were able to do it so it was easier to assemble it later on.



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