Sacrifice Installation: Assembling and Making part 2

We started by making the railing. To make the railing, we joined bottles together and covered it with layers of modrock. The reason why we did this was because we knew that when mod rock dries, it will solidify and hold the bottles underneath with it and we wanted a solid railing.

However, when it dried it was actually kind of flimsy and this may be because either the railing was too long and so weak in the middle, or because mod rock and plastic bottles are not enough. A group mate even suggested that we put a stick through its centre or something of that sort that will keep it together, but since we had bottles with narrow openings under the mod rock, it was not possible to do so.

This was definitely a worthy experimentation because I learnt that empty plastic bottles can be very effectively reused in multiple ways like this and can be used while making a prototype in the future.

img-20161126-wa0002 img_3246

Cutting and placing them one under the other and taping. We used approximately 20-25 bottles for this project.

unadjustednonraw_thumb_a04 img_3262

Through the bottles, before and after.

img_3292 img_3264

Process of covering with mod rock


Finished results in parts with narrow and tall one for railing and the wider and shorter ones for the base.

It was an interesting process and the reason why we did this was to see if it was possible to make a railing with bottles. And the experiment proved that it was possible but the only problem was the railing was not good enough for our project because it was not sturdy. We will have to come up with another solution.

Working with Legos

img-20161125-wa0024 img-20161125-wa0020

unadjustednonraw_thumb_a0f unadjustednonraw_thumb_a0e

Shopping for Legos and the children mat

unadjustednonraw_thumb_a37 unadjustednonraw_thumb_a36   img_20161130_155542

Setting up the mat, making structures with lego


On tuesday we started making the lego mat. We made a mat out of children’s play mat pieces and stuck the lego on it in random places to give a sense that it was left by a child who was playing with it. Also, with the pieces stuck in random, it becomes harder for the person to walk over it barefoot and this is what we want them to experience as the challenge of guiding their partner who is blindfolded becomes more of a sacrifice now.


We also had to come up with an idea to tie the pairs together so that they understand that they are experiencing it together. One idea was to put a rope around the railing with two loops at the end in which the pair will slip their hands. Another was to maybe buy a circular loop like a curtain ring or the kids donut shaped toys so that ropes can be connected to it so it would move smoothly.

Since the donut shaped toys always had very narrow hole through it, we all went for the rope idea though it was not decided how the rope would be placed.



Blindfolds for the one who will walk on the easier path.


Sketching ideas for the vinyl stickers that would be stuck at different places to tell the audience what to do. I am so excited to print and stick the vinyl letters as I have never used it before. We were able to come up with the ideas best when we were all sitting together and talking about it. One thing I learnt about group work is that when I am working as a group, I need to be a person who listens to them and votes for the idea that will not only help better our project but it will also be in the best interest of the members of the group. Losing your cool will definitely not work and you just waste time in that but do not achieve anything.

Here, I contributed in all the different activities we engaged in to assemble the pieces together. I also participated in coming up with ideas for the stickers and the location of the stickers. I am happy with how the process is going on so far and I have put in a lot of effort as an individual to make sure the group work works smoothly.



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