Sacrifice Installation: Pre-Assembling and making part1

We started by making a list of items that we would need to make the installation. The plan was to buy and gather materials in the weekend so as to be able to start working on monday,28th.


Legos to make path

img-20161125-wa0020 img-20161125-wa0024

bottles to make railing


modrock to cover the railing

We also made a timeline for our group so we can make sure we are on track:

Day 1 : Dorms – cutting bottles and sticking them together to make the structure for the railing

Day 2 : Dorms – layering mod rock to make it strong

Day 3 : Legos assembling

Day 4 : Legos assembling

Day5 – saturday : assembling the railing at vcuq

day6: assembling the things at the location

day 7: Due date

For the pre-assembling and making, I contributed to finding the right location that sells the kind of legos we need to use. I also contributed in making the schedule to make sure we are on track through the project.

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