Reflections on type

Through all the projects I had this semester, my knowledge has evolved from almost nothing about type to worrying about rags and medium grey!

Below is what I have understood about type and design through this course:

Letters : Designer as link-finder, connector

I learnt to look at letters as letter forms, appreciating them for their semiotics and finding the hidden links between them that brought them together as perfectly compatible puzzle pieces that has helped me even till the paragraph project where admiring type and semiotics became a priority.

Word: Designer as communicator

This was the first among the many projects where I learnt to communicate a second meaning, giving the audience extra information through the word apart from what it actually means and it was definitely an interesting experience.

Sentence : Designer as author

By thinking about alignment, intention, emphasis, informed decisions and colored and different typefaces, a designer is able to convey information in the best way possible to the audience.

Paragraph: Designer as linguist

This has been the highest post I think I have got to through the type course. It amazes me because over the course I have learnt to look at the shapes and forms arabic and english language form, the relationships between letters, semantics, syntax and much more that is in some way what a linguist interacts with as part of his/her profession.

I still find it funny that “flushed right/left” is a term because I associate flush to toilets but knowledge grows with time and how we perceive things changes as well. Not to mention I still find it weird that widows and orphans are terms as well.





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