Sacrifice Installation: Mechanics and Final idea

Results of the 3rd meeting

It was at the 3rd meeting we were able to come to a more solid idea. We decided to simplify the maze idea and keep the concept of game and childhood. So after further discussion, we decided to make a lego path and a soft path, one of each pair will walk on the 2 different paths to experience sacrifice.

We also decided to have a hanging installation with colorful transparent paper that looked like glass to convey the feeling of pain of sacrifice for the older brother. The brother sacrifices for his younger brother by spending most of his time taking care of him, sacrifices his time to play. This is very painful for him at times because he feels his brother to be a burden on him as he is not free to do as he wills like other boys his age.

As part of research for this idea, we stumbled upon the following images :

6458e1e2de2181c8b05fad620d09186c f76bdcf3f2e02142bd5c5f3f6a2cdee1 img_1785-copy 3e6a997b860bc45caaef940f07b9f1a9 81fc789e7db85a0aef63c416c48061c7

One of our concerns was to think about a place where we can have the installation. As a group we walked around vcuq to see different places that might work.


Saffron hall, room 390 were some places we were thinking about.

In the next meeting, we further discussed the mechanics and simplified as below :


  1. Make people go in pairs

remove shoes

reason : Make one person sacrifice for the other person

  1. One on lego mat made with pastel color pieces , one on soft sponge filled with pillow filling

reason: the idea behind making people walk on 2 different paths, one painful and one soft is to make them realize the idea of going through hardships for another person. For example, the brother sacrifices his time to play for his younger brother to take care of him.

  1. Print any type on transparent colored paper because when sunlight falls on it, it gives nice colors

reason: the idea behind the colors is to show the beautiful side of sacrificing for others which  is formed through the shadows

2. Sound system

Again, the meeting with the professors made us reconsider the need for soft path, the transparent plastic papers and we realized it will work just as well without them.

We were also thinking about making them go in paths in different shapes but we further simplified it to make one long lego path, with a railing in between and a board at the end where they can write about their experience. In our later meetings before we met the professors again, we worked on sketchup to make a final plan.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-8-44-03-am screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-8-37-08-am

After the meeting, we realized we could add blindfolds for the person going through the easy path to show that the younger brother was shielded from the problems by his older brother at the same time he also went through hurdles because of his mothers death. We also decided to vinyl cut the type that would give the instructions.

Now, we were ready to start making the installation. We finally chose the place outside MFA studio as the perfect place for our location as we could also make use of the glass window where students can write about their experience.


Again, at this point, I contributed to the research and in making the sketchup plan. It was a lot of fun researching and contributing ideas because in the end we ended up mixing ideas to come up with a final idea that was much better than individual ideas which is why the group work was an asset. As a group, we have been able to finalize location, plan and idea.


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