Introduction to deconstruction

The new project in M&P sounded really weird and confusing. When the professors said to choose a book, film or music album that can be deconstructed, my first instinct was to search what deconstruction of a book was or what relation deconstruction had with graphic design. This is the google definition I found:
a method of critical analysis of philosophical and literary language that emphasizes the internal workings of language and conceptual systems, the relational quality of meaning, and the assumptions implicit in forms of expression.

Ok, that is even worse. It seemed to make no sense whatsoever until I stumbled upon a link on “Deconstruction and Graphic Design” by Ellen Lupton. It explained that deconstruction is a critical process that is based on the art of questioning about “the technologies, formal devices, social institutions, and founding metaphors of representation”.It also said deconstruction is based on the role of text and typography to create meaning.

Law also mentioned about putting the content in a different context and I found an example online that helped me understand more what Law was saying. In a web article tiled ” the History of Visual Communication – The Computer”, it says that “A work then “deconstructs” assumptions when it places them in context. For example, someone who can pass as the opposite sex is said to “deconstruct” gender roles, because there is a conflict between the superficial appearance, and the reality of the person’s gender.”

I also researched on themed restaurants as it also works on the idea of deconstruction. It extracts the tropes from a certain story or place and reuses them to create a concept of a restaurant.

89505-640x360-sarastro-restaurant-640 25273-640x360-beach-blanket-babylon-640


I chose the book “Danny the champion of the world” by Roald Dahl as this was one of my favourite books as a child. The book describes the beautiful relationship between the father and the child, Danny and the adventures they have together. It is very interesting as the adventures they have are because of a dark hobby the father has. Its been around 10 years since I bought the book and I have read it multiple times since then.


the Book

 cymera_20161114_062109 cymera_20161114_062036

Book cover and the side binding

The book cover is glossy in some parts like the red bits and the text. The book is well binded as it has lasted all these years without even one page tearing apart.

cymera_20161114_062127 cymera_20161114_062150

Pages inside and the style of illustrations

The illustration style is almost like scribbles and it is really unique. I think it works well for the audience who are mainly 8-12 year olds. It is published by Penguin. It is a novel of 213 pages.

Some elements from the novel :

  • gipsy caravan
  • Danny
  • mr.rabbets
  • doc spencer
  • vicar and his wife
  • danny’s father and his stories about his wife
  • midnight feasts
  • pheasants and trouts
  • mr. victor hazel
  • Hazel’s wood for pheasant hunting
  • filling station
  • fathers fall
  • methods for catching pheasants : sleeping beauty , horse hair stopper, sticky hat
  • their car – baby austin
  • school and the headmasters
  • dannys friend
  • father and son bond
  • the BFG
  • everyone in towns interest in poaching
  • true poachers technique of not shooting

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