Signage : last stages pt.5


Printing the signs was definitely a learning experience. Once I test printed multiple times on the laser printer, I placed the signs in 18 x 24 inch illustrator files since I was printing on bristol paper of this size. I sent it to print but sadly, the colours looked very faded off even though it showed the inks were almost full. I think this can be because we printed on bristol paper that is quite thick so maybe the colours do not stick very well to the paper. I had print on a 50 lb. paper before and the colours had come out perfect. I think Bristol paper is much more than that.



You can see the difference in colours between the 2 printouts. The one on the left I printed on Laser printer whereas the one on the right I printed on bristol paper.

cymera_20161109_065904  cymera_20161109_065920

So I reprinted the signs on the normal laser printer and stuck and cut them on bristol paper. The colours were definitely much better now, but I am happy I experimented with bristol paper because now I have a lot more about the printer and how it reacts to different papers.


Something I wish I knew before the letter 50/50 project…Crop marks! They are this magical little lines that live on your paper and make you life so much easier! I found it really made my cutting process quick and easy and gave really accurate results.I still remember how much time I spent painstakingly trying to cut the squares inside the black outline box for the letter project instead of just placing crop marks for a no stroke – no fill box.

Final discussion

After submission, we had a final discussion that reminded me of many things that I had forgotten or hadn’t heard of in a while. Signs, symbols, index, poetic, pragmatic and persuasive are all some keywords that we revisited. Through this discussion, I was able to relate how this project was linked to earlier projects because of the terms we discussed. I also realised that global and local, concrete and abstract are actually binary oppositions. This taught me that it was important to keep these vocabulary words in mind while designing future signs.





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