Final typed sentences pt.5


Final printing was a bit frustrating. I wanted to print the words “mean and dangerous” on A4 tracing paper so that I can place it above my text as a way to create emphasis. However, every time I printed it, the paper jammed in the printer! I made sure to print it from Tray 1 but it would always print “dangerous” and get jammed. Its almost like printing on tracing paper is dangerous. At least I learnt what to do when a printer gets jammed. However, when I look at it now, I think having just dangerous on the tracing paper works really well.

Another thing I learnt was that ink does it stay very well on tracing paper and it can erased really easily.

20161109_071114 cymera_20161109_070119



I printed my second composition on A3 white paper as I didn’t feel the need to do anything extra to convey the message.

Overall, I got to experience and really explore InDesign through this project and I found that inDesign was much better than Illustrator for type related documents for few reasons :

The baseline shift tool was super helpful in aligning the pieces of the sentences. I could the control how much higher or lower I wanted to move the sentences.


Another really useful tool was the kerning tool (alt + right/left keys) but I used it so that I could align the starting of the sentences to the guidelines.

Final discussion

In our final discussion after submission, we discussed about certain terms that would really help us in our future typography assignments. Intent, experimentation, trial and error, breathing space for letters, organic nature, optical adjustments, research are all equally important to keep in mind while working with type.


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