Expressive type experimentations pt.4

type_a4005-3 type_a4004-3

Expressive type is definitely a realm of type that I would love to explore through future projects. I discovered it by accident through this project. I printed some sheets with my sentence on it and I was wondering if I made some scratches on the paper or folded the paper would it make any difference. It just happened that another paper was kept under the paper that I made scratches on, and because of that the word transferred onto the paper. I was so surprised and fascinated by the effect that I wanted to experiment more. For the words “twice as fast” I had an inverted version of it on a black box such that when I scratched it on its back, it transferred. It looked really cool and it helped with the meaning because the uneven lines showed speed/ fast.

I even tried pouring water on it and it gave a really cool effect as the ink ran on the paper just like the letters. I was also experimenting with pouring water on the type. Since it is a scene where a teacher is walking very quickly/running, I wanted the letters to seem as if it was running and this is what I was trying to get out of experimenting with water; letting the ink from the words run.

However, when I tried in VCUQ, the ink wouldn’t transfer because it was a laser jet printer I guess. I have a desk jet printer at home. This got me interested in the different kinds of printers and the ink in them.


I researched online and I found that when you put acetone on text printed from laser jet printer that uses toner ink, it can be used to run off ink.


What really inspired me was this book cover by Graphic Designer Chipp Kid, where he poured water on text printed using water soluble ink to give a really cool effect of dripping ink.

I also experimented with adding charcoal powder and ink on top on the text but it didn’t give the effect.

I experimented with acetone(nail polish remover) but I realised that acetone removes the ink from the paper but does not make it drip. 😦



At the same time, if you keep a plain paper on top of a printed paper, and dab acetone at the back of the printed paper, the text transfers on the paper. Some of the text transferred on a template of the globe I printed. Globe is mentioned in my sentence and this is why I tried this. Please excuse the bad model, I’ll need a lot of practice before I can make such complicated origami!


cymera_20161107_100351 cymera_20161107_100456







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