Typesetting : Color pt.3


Here, I was trying to create a second sentence inside my sentence which I highlighted in red, “danger marched towards the pair”. I also coloured teacher and globe in blue so that we can understand who the pair is. However, I do no think it is working as well because it is little hard to read as well as understand. typeset_color5_print3

Here, I made danger and teacher in a different color to emphasise the dangerous characteristic of the teacher.

typeset_color5_print4 typeset_color5_print5

Working with colour was an interesting experience. I experimented with changing the colour of certain words as well as changing the background color. Since I had the word “danger”, I tried changing the background color to red or the word danger to red. I even experimented with a black and white combination where the background is black and the text is red so that the text pops out of the page just the way it would be in a danger sign.

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