Sentence : Typesetting stage 2

The next class was a really important one. The professors taught about alignment, intention, emphasis and informed decisions.

Through the class, I learnt some key points that I will try to be mindful about when typeset in the future; placing text on a page with intention and that having a reason for its placement and composition, relations between different font sizes, relations between the spaces around the text,ensuring simplicity and subtlety.


I did further research on this after class and came across interesting articles that taught me more about these concepts.

Then I began experimenting.

a3-vertical5 new_refined a3-vertical3 a3-vertical4     new_refined4   typesetting_wednesday-02 typesetting_wednesday-01 typesetting-01

I then started experimenting with the fonts and the font family to know which one best suits my text. I chose Univers font and the bold italics because to me, it produced the right tone necessary for the message.

My sentence is an action scene where a teacher is marching quickly towards a globe and this member of the font appealed to me the most.


I further refined some of them

new_refined6 typesetting-01 Print

Sometimes, it got so frustrating because I did not know what else to do so I downloaded some images of Piet Mondrian’s work and aligned sentence to the lines of the grids of the paintings. It helped me create some new and interesting work and paved the way to my final pieces.



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