Signage : Material studies pt.2

For the next class, I made illustrator sketches of signs for my topic but I was so surprised when our professors told us to do material studies and make things and explore different ways to make the sign.


Partly because all the signs I have seen up till now are all simplistic and look like they have definitely been made on illustrator or such softwares. Almost all of them have no texture to them like hand made things but nevertheless I started experimenting with materials.


Since my audience is mainly children who are terrified of escalators, I decided to make an escalator that looked like a paper plane but it also looked like an escalator in perspective as Law pointed out.

I also tried to recreate the texture of the steps with sticks.


I tried photoshopping a material I had on to a staircase. The material is soft and comfy and by photoshopping its texture I wanted to show that the escalator is a safe place.



I also made one with cupcake wrappers because I thought it looked really cute and that the side of the cupcakes had the texture of an escalator. Finally, I also just experimented one with quilling paper.

After the critique, I decided to go with the cupcake idea and experiment further on it to create my signs.

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