Matchbox : Printing and Assembling

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-4-29-31-am screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-4-30-00-am

For printing and cutting purposes, I added crop marks around each of the booklet and cover. Then I made a bleed around it so it is easier for me when I cut. However, the biggest struggle was to make the bleed for the matchbox covers. When I initially made the covers, I had live painted them and with live paint the problem was to later remove any outlines. I had black outlines around the shapes of the covers initially and I wanted to remove them so it looked better when printed. I struggled a lot because live paint wouldn’t allow me to remove them. Finally, I had to go over some of them with the colour lines so as to hide the black lines. By the end of it, I almost hated live paint!



Once printed, cutting and assembling each one of them took me ages. Another struggle that I faced was that when i scored the paper so that I could fold them, the white of the  actual started showing as the color was only on the surface. This did not look very nice and I had to reprint the main box.


White lines at the folds



Then I remembered the light table we have in room 281. I realised with the light box I could score on the inside as the crop marks were visible on the other side. At that moment, I really felt the light box was one of the coolest inventions ever made!



The new box had much cleaner edges.


Just some random cuts and bleeds while assembling…


Finally, I stuck 3 matchsticks inside each matchbox. It gave a feel of an actual matchbox and wouldn’t it be cool if souvenir shops had these things? After this project, VCUQ can totally open a souvenir shop at the airport or something!

img-20161025-wa0018 img-20161025-wa0010

And its done!



Work on display



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