Sentence pt.1

After we finished with the word project, we were all given words to make a sentence on our own. The words clearly did not seem to go together to make any sensible sentence, but it would not even make any nice nonsense sentence either. So I replaced “antiquated” with “dangerous” and “math” with “teacher”.20161017_103926

So the final sentence is –

The mean and dangerous teacher believably marched twice as fast towards the impaired globe.

المعلم الفظ و الخطير خطى بتصديق و بسرعة مضاعفة نحو الكرة  الأرضية التالفة

As part of our assignment, we had to typeset the sentences in different character length, tracking, alignment, point size so as to get familiar with these terminologies and get experience using them.




The process of typesetting the sentence was very interesting. In this project, all of us had the freedom to break up the sentence into parts, angle it, bold or anything else to create more contrast and emphasis to the text. By breaking the sentence into parts I learnt to activate space. For me, this was actually not a new concept because I am a note taker and often times my notes are made of texts of various weights, sizes, all caps, small caps, cursive, print, drawing a box around it, underlining it, writing it in either cursive or print, different colours and so on.

typeset_activate-space_arabic_a3 typeset_activate-space_arabic_a33  typeset_activating-space2 typeset_activating-space4 typesetting-03 typesetting-10

First attempts

I first did some sketches in my book and did it again on illustrator and inDesign to learn which works better for typesetting sentence.





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