Word project final stages

Once I was done with the word, I added 4-5 quills around the letter forms to make it look more organic and as if the things were sprouting out of the letters.

Then it was time for photographing.  I photographed my paper weaved word last week in the small garden next to Graphic Design and I really liked the lighting. dsc_0191

However, the lighting was not working well with this technique and it flattened the letter forms by not showing the shadows.


Also, another struggle was that the tripod showed in the picture which was annoying and this was a Saturday so couldn’t borrow the really cool tripod from Law.

Then I decided to go outside and photograph as it was nice and sunny. This time, I took the small ladders we have in class and realised how helpful it was. It helped me achieve a really nice and complete photograph of the word.




I further edited it in lightroom as I felt lightroom had more editing options compared to photoshop.


Editing in process.


After editing

I asked my professors for feedback and Law mentioned that the quills I had added were not enough to make it look like they grew out of the letterforms which was what I was intending.






Open Photo Studio


Final word




Enlarging the size of the board using Content Aware fill tool.

I am still not satisfied with the colors because I feel it should be much whiter.

With my professors help, I played around RGB, CMYK, Cyan, Black curves but it did not help to correct the color as much.

Also, once I printed it looks really purplish which I am really unhappy about.

Maybe the place I photographed was not the best place for this artwork, I am thinking of trying to take the picture again from the black photo studio before the final poster with the paragraph and quote is due.


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