Word project 2nd critique + process

Again, I started off with printing the flipped version of the word and tiling it.


When I finally started paper quilling, there were few tool that really aided the process:


Glue: I found white glue to be very helpful because once it dried it did not show at all.

DIY Quilling stick: I found this really really helpful in applying glue to the board in thin lines especially since it had a handle too that would give support while placing the paper.

Scissors and xacto knife – to cut quilling paper

Tweezers – to adjust the pair and place the rolls inside the letters

Quilling stick – to quill paper

When I initially began quilling I tried with the stick the professor gave, but then when I went to buy more quilling paper, I found the quilling stick. I bought it because I found it to be more easier than the DIY stick.



When I was almost halfway done with the word, I heard that one of my friends had a quilling machine which would make it even easier for me. I thought it would be great but when I tried it, I realised I needed quite some practice before being able to use it without destroying the paper. After a few ruined quilling paper rolls, I realised I had lot more work to do and that I was running out of quilling paper. So I stopped using the tool and went back to the quilling stick.


Experimenting with the placement of the quills and the paper strips.


Using an off-white and white shade of quilling paper to make it look more interesting.


So for the second critique, I presented this in class. I was really proud of it and felt like I have come a long way from the previous paper weaving technique.


Beautiful quill


I loved how the quills looked together and the closeup shot gave me a new home screen for my phone!


Work in process


Closeup of the quilling technique in process

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