Mural Art painting Update


Before view of the perfectly white board.

After deciding the design of the painting, it was time to start measuring the lines and drawing out the illustrator artboard onto the wall. Since the projector projected the file a bit slanted and it was not possible to get it perfectly straight, we decided to just look at the file and measure and draw onto the board.


Measuring and drawing lines on the top of the artboard was a real struggle. I had to stand on my tiptoes to reach the the top but I definitely feel taller after all the toe exercises I went through painting the board. 😀


Taping and measuring the centre of the board


file_002    20161008_135505

Taping taping taping


I wish I counted how many roles of tape we finished on this board


Final taping stages

After we were done taping, we started painting right away. We gathered the brushes and poured paints onto plastic cups.



Painting was a surprisingly quicker process though we had a lot of tiny areas to paint


Once the paint was dry enough, we started removing the tapes.

We had little corrections to do here and there and using thin brushes and white and black paint, we were able to correct them.



YESS! This is how it finally looks! Really proud of it!


Painting in context; beside other paintings.

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