First word critique

Starting on the final word from the experimentation stage has been an interesting experience until now. Initially, my idea was that I would make paper quillings and stick them on foam board with white background as a way to present the word “مزخرف” (ornate) simplistically. However, I could not find all the materials needed for quilling so I do not think I will be able to master it in less than a week.

I had to quickly find an idea so i could present something for class on Monday. Finally, I thought of weaving paper as it is also an intricate technique. I first started by increasing the size of my word to the size that I felt would really show the paper weavings clearly. Then I flipped the word on illustrator and tiled it.


20161008_144350 20161008_151427

Now that I had the word in the correct size, I traced the letters onto the foam board. Then, I cut out my letters from foam board. I had to practice a bit before starting on the final one as I am not very good with cutting curves with an xacto knife.


First part of word cut out from foam board



Just things I do when I am exhausted…


Paper weaving technique to show ornate nature

Then i started weaving paper on top of the foam board and I discovered that under sunlight, the weave created interesting shadows. I used the white quilling paper I had bought earlier as it was thin and flexible without creating creases and so it was perfect for paper weaving.


My word for the first critique

Here, I weaved white paper on white foam board and placed it on a white background. However, I do not think it is working as it seems like I just made it over the foam board without allowing the paper weaving to weave out the letter;i.e, not allowing the medium to dictate the type. My professor made a quilling tool for me after the critique today so hopefully, I can start over again and go back to my previous idea.

Oh well. Time to buy more quilling paper.

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