Design Tech : 7 Weeks in Review


One of the coolest things about this class is that it has helped me open my mind that almost anything can be used to create artwork. For instance, I had no idea that a projector could help in making a mural!

Through the weeks, I have got the opportunity to refine my illustrator skills and learn new tools in illustrator, experiment and understand the potential of a scanner as a tool to create art and not just to scan documents, understand the direct relation between digital and analog work, discover super cool apps like Adobe capture, create my own avatar, work on making a mural, learn design processes such as iteration , working on minimal objects to create design and so on. We focused on the process of learning through exploration of new mediums, or to be more specific, revisiting familiar mediums with a new perspective and function, giving us a broader variety of materials and tools that we can experiment with for our design process. This class seems very new every time we start a new assignment or project, we are introduced to new tools to create work!

I am sure in the classes to come we will learn to use various other everyday tools in order to create great work!

Key Lesson : As a graphic designer, almost anything can aid you in your creative process!

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