Word project – Research STAGE 1


The new project for type is challenging as well as interesting. I find it quite challenging as the arabic words have various other meanings in arabic which does not exist in English and understanding these new meanings was a little difficult.




Researching quotes related to the list of wordsbitter-copy

Finding meanings from physical books called dictionaries. Fun fact: Even the librarian was shocked when we asked for a dictionary!

Choosing 5 pairs of words from the list was a very interesting process. After finding definitions, synonyms and quotes on the words, I tried to think of the words as images or what materials I could use to represent them.

I was clueless about most of them so I decided to look at the letter forms to see if they are interesting. In the end, I chose some based on letterforms and some on the meaning.

20160929_075305-2Jotting down ideas on the words

These were the ones I finally chose:

متأن /fleeting

مزخرف /austere

دقة / inaccurate

جميل / repulsive

تقاعس /galvanize


Illustrator process pic

Typing the words for the assignment

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