Word project – Research + Experimentation STAGE 2

After the project we did of placing the print out words in the saffron hall and looking at them from the first floor, I learnt a lot of new things. First of all I realised, the computer by itself places some letters closer to each other. For example, in chaotic, t and i are closer together than o and t or i and c. I also noticed that arabic is much bigger and bolder than english as they take up space both vertically as well as horizontally whereas english only takes up space horizontally.

The assignment was also helpful in choosing our final word as I learnt to appreciate the words for its letterforms seeing from the distance. I finally decided “مزخرف” (ornate) as my keyword as I was really interested in the equal spacial division of the word such that the 3 terms take equal space and each term has a dot on top.



cymera_20160927_205920cymera_20160927_215204cymera_20160927_205714 20160927_211508-copy

My initial experimentations


rock-art-mandala-stones-elspeth-mclean-canada-46-copy tinydarkgreyrock-2-500x500-copy



Simple structures –  light and shadow




Some images I am interested in to capture the meaning of the word I have chosen


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