Object Poster Final Stages

After working on the feedback I got during last critique session, my poster has taken a different turn and I am much happier about it.

What was so surprising to me was the time I took to reach to this poster. I took an incredibly LOONG time to get to the poster posted below:m&p_POSTER with photographs_2nd version_1

When I first started on it, I made a grid out of circles and lines:output_retmgh

I then made it a live paint grid so I could individually paint the tiny triangles(took me forever!)


this was the result after colouring them in the initial stages

mp_poster-with-photographs-01I finally reached this stage where I live painted a layout made of locks and a central heart just like my object (my keychain is made of hearts and locks) but I still had to work on it. However, I replaced the mask and other illustrations with the actual handmade versions.

As I continued working, I reached the stage where I felt like the poster was not working anymore which is shown below:

m&p_POSTER with photographs_2nd version_1

Also, after the critique day, it was very clear to me that there were so many things that needed corrections and I set off on a new poster based on the critiques that I felt would make my poster work:

When I started over, I felt it didn’t take me as much time to arrive at the following poster as I learnt a lot of lessons from the past week that has shaped my understanding of the different aspects of a poster.


This is definitely my favourite poster that I have made in the last couple of weeks and I can’t stop thinking that feedback given to you is often valuable and really necessary to make a better work.


I further experimented with the font and the placement of the text but after the next critique I realised that the text “Nostalgic” was definitely illegible from a distance as the fill was a bit distracting and that the background turquoise colour was not working very well with the objects. I decided to go for a purple background as it is complementary to yellow found in the mask and the beads of the drum.


My next challenging part was including my object (keychain) in some way. I first tried to put it on the zip as my intent with this poster is that as the zip unravels, the story of the keychain is produced.


However, this did not look very well even after playing around with the colour of the keychain and I finally decided to replace the “i” in nostalgic with the keychain. I placed the keychain over the i so as to align the jump ring of the keychain with the dot of the i. I think this works best and I really love how it looks.


The keychain is not visible from a distance even though the word is legible which it makes it more interesting as you have to come closer to the poster to see it.

Kerning ‘Nostalgic’ was a bit of a challenge as we haven’t had much experience with kerning yet and including the object in the word made it a bit more challenging. However, I tried my best with it and asked my friends to critique it so I could improve it.


And finally! here is my final object poster! I am really proud of this poster and am happy that all the work that I put into it in the past month has finally paid off.


Just for laughs

Cant believe I even turned this work in class just 3 weeks ago. #FacePalm

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