Imaging : 7 Weeks in Review

Imaging class has evolved quite a bit in these 7 weeks..from looking at images and understanding if they were connotative, denotative, poetic, pragmatic, persuasive to embarking on a project where we research on countries and make a product based on specific aspects f these countries!

First and foremost, we started by revisiting the whole category of images and looking at it in a different light. I learnt to differentiate images as connotative or denotative among many other things.

As the classes went by, we found more images, analysed them and learnt to read them. We also delved into the different elements in an image to see what works under what context. For example, the light typeface used in Apple ads complements the design of the phone as it is meant to be lightweight and sleek. So in this context, the font used in the image works.

Then when we started off with the virtual field study project, we again researched and found a lot of images and combined a lot of data this way. to refine the work, we started limiting image collections. Here, we use the process of convergence and divergence to refine our work and narrow down to the idea that we want to follow for our final product. I think this class is going to be more complicated as the weeks go by as we explore newer techniques.

Key Lesson : Images are important as a graphic designer as we learn to visualise concepts and ideas and present them as posters, brochures and among many other forms made of images so it is very important to delve deeper into this.


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