m&p_POSTER with photographs_2nd version_1

For the first time, I was less nervous about what others would say about my work and more nervous about critiquing others work!

During the haterade, I got really helpful feedback that I am planning to work on which already tells me that my poster is going to be incredibly different from where it is now.

This was the first such critique we had and also one of the most helpful ones. Below are some ways in which I am planning to change my poster:

1.Based on the feedback given on the mask, I have decided to change the  position of mask as it doesn’t complement poster. I might either move it inside the framing that I made using the rattle drums or place it in a way that makes it more of a focal point. At the moment, I realised there is too many objects that there is no focal point.

2. For the type I used on my poster, I learnt that the typefaces were not working as I used a variety of typefaces in different colors on the same poster. Instead, it would have been better to use one typeface in either white or black in a light or italic font style. I also have to change the placement of the text as it is too close to the edge.

Again, the text “Nostalgia” is in a bigger and brighter font but yet the other three texts are easier to read especially because it is inside the frame and the frame directs are eyes to look inside and also, the word is written sideways which is awkward to read. I also need to reduce text. The lines of the metallic lines covering the word “cheap” not right.

For now, I am planning to work on layout more and concentrate fonts later on.

3.My poster looks very crowded and I need to work with image manipulation. I might reduce the repetition of the rattle drums too much repetition, remove the 3 lines on the right behind nostalgia as it seems random, designs at top seem bit random to the rest of poster, relevance of polka dots on the gift, The DNA model on the top right corner not clear.

4. Resolution of image of “gift” image low – very pixelated,maybe remove the ribbon on the gift wrap and use the gift wrap as the background.

5. Work with the colour palette of my poster by either making everything black and white except mask or matching to mask colors.

6. Keychain – Keychain placement should be changed – maybe have it vertical and big, so as to give it importance.

7. I also realised that there was too much framing going on in my poster which might be one of the reasons that I am not happy with it. I also got feedback that I could have crossover of objects between frames as another solution to reduce the division.

I am grateful to my professors for this critique day because I knew my poster was not working but could not figure out what and this really helped.


dsc_0226       dsc_0225

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