Journey to final object poster

After making/photographing atleast 100 images/objects, I narrowed my selection to my 10 best objects based on the keywords. With the 10 objects, I experimented different styles to make a poster that represents my main object(keychain) in some way.

The journey from bringing the object to class to where I am now has been highly interesting. Through the diverging process, I learnt to experiment with new mediums and discovered a lot of new things. Through the converging process, I learnt how the various things I created could be brought together so as to refine some selected ones. Finally, in my process to making the poster, I learnt more about illustrator and photoshop and how it could help to make my final poster.

After a lot of trials, I narrowed down to 4 posters.










For the first one, I used my object as the layout for the poster. Since my object is made of a big heart and tiny locks, I made many tiny locks inside which I placed some of my selected objects. I recreated my handmade objects on illustrator for this poster. However, the relation between the foreground and background is not working in this poster.

For the second poster, my intent was to place my objects as keys around the ring of the keychain. I used a decorative CD as the jump ring that holds the other objects but I feel it is not very clear in the poster.


For the pink poster, I again recreated my hand drawn images/ hand made objects on illustrator. However, I only included only 3 images in this one.

For the last one, my intent was to showcase the different aspects of the keychain. Firstly, it is an object that holds keys(here it hold my other objects), it makes a nice sound, and it was a gift to me.

Out of these 4, the first one was my favourite one and I decided to work on it for my final poster.

mp_poster-with-photographs_2-01-copy mp_poster-with-photographs_2nd-version-01


As I further worked on it, I felt as if the layout was not working and the objects look very scattered. So as I developed on it, I changed the layout and removed the locks and heart eventually. Another thing I had to work on was the background and foreground that was not going well together. After bringing some changes, I still feel quite unhappy with my poster as I think a lot of elements in the poster are not working such as the color palette used, combination of white and black elements, composition and text. I need to ask others for feedback and hopefully, I’ll get some help in the next critique.


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