New vocabulary : Gestalt


Recently, I learnt a new word called “Gestalt” which basically means shape or form. Our professor showed us an example in class where lines were rotated such that the negative space showed a circle. It is like the popular Rubin’s vase image, where 2 faces can be seen and a white vase forms in the negative space.

I did quite some research on it on Google and as I was really fascinated by the idea of being able to see two images as our brains switch between the negative and positive images inside the image.





An example i found on google on Gestalt. Here, we can see 4 T’s as well as a white cross that is formed in the negative space of the T’s. I also found a lot of logos that used gestalt like the FedEx logo.


I tried using this technique in my assignment. For example, here we can see 2 black arrow marks at the same time a white square in the negative space.


This is another one I tried; a white triangle can be seen in the negative space formed by the black triangles.


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