New Beginnings, Image banks and projects!

Its been two weeks since my life as a Graphic Design student began! Its a pretty amazing feeling…but maybe the workload was among the many things I was not ready for. Just realised how easy going Art Foundation was. The last 2 weeks have been really hectic and I already had my first all nighter for the semester! Think I’ll never take all nighters again…really ruins everything and it becomes a struggle to listen in class the next day. Oh wait, I didnt even mention why I had to take an allnighter! Ok lets rewind a bit…


Methods and Processes has been very interesting till now. In fact, I love how the class just mainly focuses on the process of designing something indicating how important it is to follow a healthy process so as to avoid brain burn out.

This semester in methods and processes started off with  bringing a personal object to class that had a lot of meaning for us. But as the classes went by, the project has evolved so much and Im still not sure which direction it is heading for. Once we brought the object and its description to class,(mine is a keychain with a big hearts and 4 cute locks), we passed it around so that every object could be analysed by 2 other people.

CYMERA_20160901_124904-1We chose few keywords from their descriptions as well as ours, which went under various categories: Me, you, us and them. It seemed like plain sailing up till here. And then it took quite an unexpected turn.

We were supposed to represent each of our 20 keywords as images and the problem was I had many words with meanings or sounds that seemed impossible to represent as an image,(like love, rattle), without looking silly or cliché. I thought about it a lot, did some mind mapping , sketches and so on just to get an idea how to carry on from there.


However, I was still confused but time was running out so I just started on one keyword without planning much. It felt really satisfying to finish the first one and as time went, the process was not as frustrating.



Though I started working on this since the day the homework was given, I was still not done by the day before. On one such Sunday night, the night before the images were due, I decided to pull an all nighter to finish the enormous pile of work that formed right before me. Though I got my work done this way, I had a tiring day listening to class next day. Never want to pull an all nighter again.

20160829_162957 20160829_163033

Scenes from the critique session

I was little worried for the critique session because it was my first critique for this semester but it was not bad at all. I learnt a lot of new things and I was inspired by all the work everyone had put up.Just as I thought I was finished with the images, we were assigned to bring another 20 for the next class which was just 2 days away. Oh well. Surprisingly, I did not find it as hard this time and I understood the wisdom behind giving us such big amounts of workload in short time. We get adjusted to the process and start enjoying it.


Another thing I realised during critique sessions was that between the first two classes, everyone in class including myself had improved drastically. In fact, most of my images for the first critique were flat images and by the next class I had 3d work and other multimedia work put up as well.

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